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Don't take our word for it…see what our clients  

& candidates are saying about our superior service! 



I also want to say that I respect the professionalism of your office.  It has been the most professional staffing company I have encountered so far.  With that comes confidence in HireQuality Solutions, which is worth mentioning. 

Kara R. 


Thank you so much for helping me get this position. I really like it here, everyone is great! I foresee myself being here for a while.  It's been great working with you. I will definitely send anyone I know who is looking for a job your way. 

Rebekah D. 


Emily, Thanks for your help in landing my new job.  I appreciate everything you did for me. 

Jodi A. 


Nan, I just saw you on LinkedIn and thought I would drop you a quick note.  Thank you for being so helpful for me this time nearly 2 years ago.  I bounced myself into the best paying job I've ever had and your tips helped get me there.  I came across things every now and then illustrating your success at Hire Quality Solutions and I couldn't be happier for you, Sarah, and the rest of the team.  I know you will continue to have success because you will continue to treat people well---without regard to how it immediately affects your business.    

Scott P. 


Emily, I wanted to send you a personal note to let you know I appreciate all that you did in getting me a job interview.  I was impressed with your professionalism and timely manner in which you follow up on everything.  Thank you for everything. 

Doris C. 


Thank you again for all your help and support through this process. Your advice and feedback has been a tremendous help for someone who has never gone through this before. You have been wonderful to work with and are truly an asset to HireQuality Solutions. 

Michelle G. 


Emily, I will be honest, I don't think I have ever spoken to a recruiter and felt so at ease to be myself.  So, sincerely thank you for that. 


Also, I didn't think I could sound so skilled and good on paper. I like the revisions; they are very detailed and elaborate. I didn't realize that the things that I overlook are actually beneficial to a resume. 

Aminata S. 


Nan, thank you so much for the time you took with me today even after you figured out I was not the right fit for your client! Your openness and honesty were extremely helpful, and I will work hard on the solutions that you suggested. I left your office feeling that I had someone in my corner for my work search. 

Connie G. 


I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for us. We all loved the muffins that you got for us as we weren't expecting them but they are delicious. We are truly blessed to have someone so supportive there for us along the way of our journey through our new job. I don't think we could ever thank you enough, but thanks again for everything you do.  We truly appreciate everything you do for us. 

Brittney L. 


Hi Nan, I just wanted to write you a quick email to tell you how great Courtney was to work with. She truly cares about people and listens to their needs and wants. I am so thankful I got a chance to meet with her to help me with my employment needs. It's very rare this day in age that people go above and beyond and want nothing in return, except for your happiness, but that is what Courtney has done for me. Please give her a sincere thank you for helping me. Thank you for your time!                               

Angie O. 


Emily, I wanted to formally thank you for matching me with the Staff Accountant position.  I saw the posting, but I wasn't confident enough to apply. Thank you for giving me the encouragement I needed and for advocating for me. Your experience and advice helped me get a position I probably could not have gotten on my own. I thank you for that. I am working hard to be ready for the first day, and I am excited. It was a pleasure working with you. 

Robin H. 


I worked with Courtney Lowry a few months back.  She took the time to listen to me and did follow ups with me to see where I was at with my job search.  Courtney, thank you for everything.  Even though I ended up finding a job with another wonderful company, you were awesome and made my job search process a lot easier.  Thank you, Courtney.  I have and will continue to recommend HireQuality Solutions to anyone I know who is looking for a job. 

Ashley F. 


Emily, I really like what you did with my resume! You have added more and important information to my resume while still making it one page.  Thanks again for helping me out with this. You guys really seem to care about making young business professionals look good and helping find the right job. I am extremely excited to be working you!  

Scott G. 


Courtney, it was very nice meeting with you today. I really appreciate how you really showed concern and willingness to help. And, all the staff at the agency seems very warm and nice as well. The office is very beautifully decorated, too. 

Ana S. 


Emily, I really appreciate everything you have done for me...you really helped me out when I needed it.  I have really enjoyed working with you and your company.  You are a great lady.  Thanks so much!!!!!!! 

Deb L. 


Nan is one of the most energetic, knowledgeable, service-oriented people I have ever worked with. If you are a quality candidate, looking for a top-notch hiring firm to assist you in your career search, I would highly recommend using Nan and HireQuality Solutions. 

Lori R. 


Emily, thank you very much for your time this morning.  It was wonderful to meet you.  I do enjoy the atmosphere and the style there.  I also appreciate your candid and helpful approach.  Looking forward to working with you on this journey.  

Gina S. 


Nan Boland has always been one of Make-A-Wish Iowa's most valued supporters, not only as an individual, but through her company HireQuality Solutions. Recently, Nan was able to find a temp worker for us to assist with data entry near the end of our fiscal year. Knowing our organization so well, Nan found the perfect individual and helped us meet our deadlines. Nan's character is such that she truly cares about her clients and organizations she supports. You will truly feel like you are her sole focus and wonder how she has time to do what she does for you! I guarantee working with Nan and HireQuality Solutions will be an amazing experience for you 

Christopher Coan, Director of Community Development 


Emily, thank you for meeting with me to discuss the opportunities available with HQS.   You are so personable and I appreciate that you did not make me feel like I was just a body to be placed in front of a potential employer!  I am so excited about the possibility of becoming part of your team and the learning opportunities available in a contract position as I continue to search for full time employment.    

Tana K.  


Nan is very professional but yet tells it like it is. She is very easy to work with and goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend Nan at HireQuality Solutions. 

Peg D. 


Emily, thank you very much for all the tips and corrections that can help me be more successful in my job hunt! I really appreciate your honesty, that is all I have wanted is to know is what little things I can change within my resume and myself to be more successful in today's job market. Thank You for taking the time to help me. 

Natalie D. 


Nan has always treated us with urgency and professionalism. As someone whose job it is to provide talent, when I can't find them - Nan can! Her dedication to us a client is superb. I highly recommend Nan as a service provider. 

Kym Den Hartog, PHR, HR Generalist 


Nan is an energized, goal-oriented, achiever! She is focused on her customers and will always give 110% to make sure they are happy with her services! Nan is a leader in her industry and a relationship expert. I have 100% confidence in Nan. You should too.

Kristin L. 


I don't even know where to start....Thank you so much for trusting in my abilities, believing in my talents and supporting me, as an individual, in my search for full-time employment.


First, I appreciate your assistance in finding me temporary employment.  I was able to learn a great deal through this experience, and have made some lasting friendships as well.


Second, thank you for supporting and believing in me and agreeing to represent me, when others were not willing to do so, questioning my talents.  This example of "going the extra mile" is what sets HireQuality apart from so many other recruiters.  I felt you recognized me as an individual, rather than a means to an end, and truly understood me as a person.   


Thanks again for everything!! I will recommend HireQuality to anyone I have the opportunity to work with going forward....You're the greatest!!

Lori R. 


I've known and worked with Nan for years, She is excellent at reading people and matching them to the best opportunity. I know that when Nan contacts me about a position it will be something I will enjoy doing and with the right work atmosphere. I have worked with other agencies, but Nan goes the extra mile to make me feel as if I am important to her and her business, If you are looking for someone to help you with your business needs on either side of the desk I recommend HireQuality Solutions as one of the best.

Tammy K. 


Nan Boland is an amazing person both personally and professionally. Her character and integrity make me proud to know her. Her success in business is clearly due to her sharp business sense and treating her clients very well. The business community needs more business owners like Nan.

Jennifer Holm, Government Contracting Specialist, Iowa State University Extension 


Nan, thanks again for everything.  You, as a person, are definitely what sets HireQuality apart from other recruiting firms I have worked with.  You show the care, compassion, and desire to make each candidate a successful recruit, and I appreciate that greatly!    

Lori R. 


Nan, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and professional assistance with the Alzheimer's Association in our search for a qualified Administrative Assistance in the Spring of 2010. Due to your extensive experience in your field you were able to identify and place a candidate that fit our needs quite well. It was a pleasure to work with you and your assistant again and I will not hesitate to contact you again should the need arise. I would be happy to recommend you and your company to other businesses if requested. Best of luck with your continued success. 

Barb Filer, Development Director 


Nan Boland was instrumental in securing my position at Aviva making sure that it was a good fit for both parties and when it was time to transition to HP the change was almost seamless and pain free. The way she represents HireQuality Solutions and herself is what set her apart from the other recruiting agencies that I was looking at. Her knowledge and ability to grasp the big picture, translate business needs into technical requirements and deliver complex, efficient and cost-effective solutions in a variety of business environments is definitely one of her many strengths in this market.  


She has excellent communication skills, interacts easily with executives, technical and non-technical staff, clients and vendors. In addition to all the previously mentioned, she was able to make the most from my out-of-state move as a consultant to Iowa and leveraged it to a financial benefit for myself.  


For all these reason, I would highly recommend to any and all of my colleagues to Partner with Nan Boland and HireQuality Solutions in future endeavors. 

Jeff G. 


Amy, I just want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me this morning. It was really nice to meet a recruiter so upbeat, honest, knowledgeable and positive. I look forward to working with you and I will complete the tests and get them back to you today.  Thanks again! 

Joleyne Y. 


Nan provides an excellent recruiting service. I am currently using her recruiting expertise in helping me land an HR job. She also provided me help in 2008 when I was contemplating a career move. She placed a WONDERFUL payroll manager at my previous employer. She is fun, honest, and has a great team that works diligently to place the right person in the right job. 

Amy R. 


I have nothing but the utmost respect for Nan and the business she runs at Hire Quality Solutions. She is a woman of integrity and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a placement. Nan worked with me when I was going through my search and she was such a professional throughout the entire process. I really appreciated it. Thank you, Nan 

John S. 


Nan does a great job in finding the right applicants and matching them with companies that need their skillsets and fit in well to the company culture. 

Luke V. 


Nan is a hard- working, confidential professional. She is well connected in the Des Moines area and beyond those borders. I would recommend using Nan and Hire Quality Solutions for you placement needs. 

David Abram, Vice President, Commercial Banking 


Nan and I have known one another professionally for years. She comes to mind when I think of professional services, quality, reliability, and timeliness for fulfilling recruitment needs. She is someone I would call with a question or filling an opening for a professional position. 

Catherine Frost, Director of Human Resources 


Nan is a very outgoing, trustworthy person. She really listens so she knows she is finding a job that is a good fit for you. She actually makes the job search fun! 

Kari G. 


This was my first experience working with a staffing agency and it was definitely a very positive experience.  Nan went above and beyond to make sure I got the staff that I needed for our special program.  She continued to check throughout the program to make sure that everything was OK and that I had everything I needed.  Nan's personality and professional demeanor made for a great working relationship between the employees and our agency.  Through both the good and difficult times Nan was always there to offer assistance.  I know she had many customers to help and people to interview but I always felt like I was her only client.  The HireQuality staff was also very friendly and helpful.  I would highly recommend her service.  Thanks so much Nan and HireQuality Solutions for your expertise and help.  I very much look forward to working with you in the future. 

Betty Mathis, Public Service Executive, State of Iowa 


You guys are awesome people to work for and I've never been treated with so much respect from an agency before like you guys do. I really appreciate all the help you've done for me. 

Trisha S. 


Let me start by saying that it was refreshing to walk into an office filled with such a positive and welcoming energy. You and the other staff I met yesterday made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I actually began my Human Resource career in the staffing industry several years ago and I know the challenges you face every day. Thank you for exuding a warm and exhilarating interview.  

April M. 


If you are looking for executive placement solutions, Nan is the only person that I would recommend. Her background in the industry and her connections in the marketplace are both unmatched. Work with Nan and you are working with the best! 

Carol Wyckoff, Benefits 


"Ms. Nan Boland was my recruiter during summer 2008 when I was a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology and was looking for a finance job. It was really difficult to find job in that field that time for several reasons-especially because of the financial crisis; because I was a foreign student and needed visa sponsorship from my future employer; because I was still a graduate student with no work experience in the US. In spite of all these problems, she helped me get the best job I could look for. She kept close correspondence with me and learned very well about my qualifications and career aspirations. I was impressed by how dedicated she was to her mission to get an interview for me and to get an offer from the company I could only dream of to be my employer. She was always very positive, was a pleasure to deal with, and inspired me greatly. I really had a feeling that she was as committed as me, and perhaps even more, to getting the job. I really like my job and have long-term career interests with this company. I am grateful to Ms. Boland for helping me get my dream job and would recommend her as a recruiter with great enthusiasm."  

Armen B.


"Working with Nan and her team at HireQuality Solutions has been a very positive experience. She has done a fantastic job of understanding our company, business needs and requirements for candidates. Nan is personable, honest and professional, a combination that results in a terrific working relationship with her clients and candidates."  

Sarah Sabers, Director of Human Resources 


"It is my pleasure to recommend Nan Boland and HireQuality Solutions. Nan and her staff have the experience and the contacts in the Greater Des Moines area to do an excellent job for candidates and employers. They have the proven ability to match the right candidate to the right opportunity. Best of all, Nan is there and involved to make sure that her customers and clients receive the caring service they are looking for."

Greg Baker, VP & Marketing Leader


"Nan is a fantastic recruiter who goes above and beyond for her clients! She makes sure she has the information necessary to work on my requisitions. She is also consistent with communication/follow-up. I appreciate the hard work she and her other recruiters do on my behalf so I am able to focus my attention on other things."  

Tami Cavanaugh, Senior Recruitment Consultant 


Nan is a tough cookie that knows her stuff and gets the job done. She found me work right away and made sure to reward me for my hard work. I appreciate the help she gave me and the wonderful opportunity she also gave me. Thanks Nan! 

Anissa A. 


"Nan has helped our business by finding great hires for my company. I have used her both to help find us permanent and temporary employees. She is extremely professional and has always done an excellent job in fulfilling our needs."  

Faith Dorn, VP, Insurance Associates 


"I have referred several people to Nan and have received nothing but high marks from those people about Nan and Hire Quality Solutions. I strongly recommend Hire Quality Solutions."

Scott Pierce, Marketing Representative

"Nan helped us search for a prospective Gift Officer and did an excellent job of trying to find someone who was just the right fit. She really took the time to understand our business needs."

Brett Ridge, President/CEO

"Nan is a high-energy professional who has the unique ability to work for both the job seekers AND the fee-paying employers, directing them to a joint match between the skill set needed to be a high performer and rewarding career."  

Steve Cruse, Marketing President 


"Thank you for the interview today.  It was great to meet you and so much fun talking to you.  I was completely at ease and you have a special way of making people feel relaxed.  I will be working on my resume to make the changes you suggested.  Your email was received with the testing and I will get to taking it as soon as I can get my office settled in.  Thanks again for the appointment."  

Gayle S. 


"Nan, I continue to reflect on our meeting last week with delight!  Thank you for your intuitive, intelligent, and creative approach to hiring for the prospective employee and employer.   I am looking forward to working with both you and your company.  Thank you again for your time and sincere interest."   

Mary F. 


"Thanks, Nan for all your help.  You are awesome!!!  I have worked with three staffing companies and I have to say you are the BEST."
John T. 


"I want to tell you how much I appreciate the time you took meeting with me this afternoon.  No matter what happens regarding the position we talked about, I will be referring you to anyone I know looking for a job!!!"    

Mike K. 


Nan does a great job of getting inside your head - to truly understand the type of person you are looking to hire. She asks good questions and prepares herself well for a search. Her focus is clearly on getting the right "fit" of candidate for her clients. She is an out of the box thinker and uses creative methods to deliver a quality hiring result. 

Bob C. 


"My experience with HireQuality Solutions was the best experience I have ever had in a job searching process. I was really in a bad situation and was working with two hiring agencies at that time. The one hiring agency, I think they thought I was dead because I only heard from them maybe twice in a period of three weeks. Nan Boland, HireQuality Solutions, was very much in contact with me. I bet we talked almost every other day. She kept me posted on all jobs that I was interested in and when they came up. I felt like I was really in good hands and taken care of. She was really in it for me to find a job and not on her own time. It literally felt like every job that came up that I was looking for; she would call me and get the ball rolling very fast. That is what I needed at that time and she knew that. Dealing with her on the phone and at the office was very much professional but also personal. She was very friendly and understanding through the whole matter. I felt very comfortable talking with her and telling her how I really felt about each job because I didn't want to fall into a job that I wasn't qualified for or that I wouldn't be interested in. She really got to know me as a person so that she could fit me in that type of position. The other hiring agency I talked to twice and I didn't feel like they knew me at all or what I wanted. I felt like I was a number and with HireQuality Solutions I felt like I was the only client they were dealing with. It was amazing! Nan is a very great person, while always making everyone feel special. Her staff was very friendly and at home. And to add to the fact, she has still been in contact with me to see how I am doing and is going to take me out for lunch. That is great way to do business because I now know that I will recommend her to anyone in a job search and if I ever have any problems in the future, I will definitely turn to her. Thanks Nan & HireQuality Solutions for everything! I am so happy and so thankful!" 

Shayna T.   


"Thanks very much for meeting with me yesterday; I really did come away from it with a very positive outlook and expectations! I firmly believe your agency is far and away the best I've ever been to; very personal, relaxed, and upbeat, which are qualities that are sorely lacking in placement agencies lately.  Again, thanks very much and I look forward to the possibilities!"  

Kelly S.  


"To feel like you don't have a purpose is discouraging.  Especially when you believe you are good at something but can't seem to get the opportunity to do it.  I have been blessed with being good at what I love to do but I needed help making the transition from what I thought was my purpose to what it is now. 


Most of my career I thought that being an IT Consultant was the job that I would have forever but over the years this career proved to be all but temporary.  I would jump from job to job, from contract to contract and from company to company being satisfied with my work but not satisfied with my self.  The limited security and longevity as a Consultant is not an easy way to base your life goals on such as family, fun and of course retirement.  It really helps to know that you are needed everyday rather then every so often.  I believe I do good work and have learned a lot in my career but I needed to make a change where I was able to offer this everyday and feel secure about tomorrow. 


Nan Boland and Sarah Havens at HireQuality Solutions made this happen for me by looking out for my interests from the start.  They searched for a job opportunity that aligned my talent with the company's request, my needs to the company's needs and my long term goals to company's long term goals.  Result - Eurofins Scientific in Des Moines Iowa, based on HireQuality's due diligence and recommendation, decided to hire me full time and give me that purpose I was seeking. 


It's almost been (4) months on the job and I feel better about myself and my future. 


Thanks HireQuality Solutions and Happy New Year!!!" 

Neil R. 


"I really wasn't looking for a new position but HireQuality Solutions (Nan) informed me of good career opportunity, listened to what I was looking for in a position, consequently today I am working for a wonderful company that is 60 miles closer to my home!  It truly was a quality hire experience for me." 

Joleen J.  


"I sincerely appreciate all you've done for my career. I've been to so many other firms however you truly treated me with respect and for that I thank you. I'm thrilled to start my new job and it's all because of you. I will refer anyone I know to you.  Thanks again for the boost in my career path. I wish you the best!" 

Julie B. 


"Congratulations on winning the "Best of" in the Des Moines Business Record! I'm glad to see that so many others see your value as I do! You've been a valuable resource to our company over the years and knew it would be only a matter of time before you ventured out on your own!  I wish you continued success and will be sure to use your firm when we hire additional staff." 

Gary Lewis, Insurance Agent 


"I just wanted to send my congratulations for your recognition in the Best of Des Moines category.  It is great to see that you have ventured out on your own in the recruiting industry.  You were a great resource for me early in my career and I look forward to the opportunity to keep in touch with you in the future.  Congratulations again...much deserved!!" 

Joe D. 


"I'm writing to let you know what a great experience it is working with Nan Boland. 


When it's time to hire, I can't think of a better route to go than to work with Nan.  She is tireless in finding the right fit for our company, and she goes the extra mile to come up with excellent candidates.  Each candidate is qualified for the position we are trying to fill, which gives us the opportunity to choose the person that's the most qualified. 


Everyone in my department has been placed at our company by working with Nan Boland. 


I've recommended Nan to several people.  Thanks for the great experience." 

Betty, Payroll Director 


"Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with me today!  It was very nice to speak with you and discuss my professional desire to break into the field of Finance.  I greatly appreciate your honesty, direction, and sincere interest in helping me to bring about a career change moving from manufacturing to finance.  After my visit, I am confident that you will do your best to match my abilities with a company that will appreciate my determination to succeed, my passion for finance, an the hard work I've shown in gaining my MBA. 


Once again, thank you for taking the time to speak with me and for assisting me in this career move!  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future." 

Chris B. 


"I wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy we are with the excellent service Nan Boland has provided.  When hiring, she knows we want technical competence, but she also understands that personality is very important to us.  Nan knows who and what we are and has done a great job helping us find the "right people".  You know this doesn't come easy, but only through hard work.  My thanks to Nan for her help in past.  It's good to know Nan is there for us if a need arises in the future.  Once again, thank you." 

Jeff, Chief Financial Officer 


"Our company has never used a recruiting company to secure new employees, however we did when looking for a person to fill an important internal job.  Nan Boland reviewed our stringent requirements and selected an outstanding candidate for us to interview.  We hired this person and she has been a tremendous asset for our company. 


We really enjoyed working with Nan and in the future will use her expertise to help identify possible new employees for our growing company.  We appreciate your "get things done" attitude.  Thank you." 

Chris, CEO/President 


"Our company would like to express our appreciation for the great service we have received from Nan Boland.  While hiring the right candidate is so crucial to our business, Nan makes it seem so easy to find someone that is a perfect fit. 


We are a large construction contractor with a fairly small, family-oriented office staff.  We do not have individual accounting departments, but instead cross-train extensively so that each accountant performs a wide variety of duties.  With these two factors, it is critical to find the right personality fit but also find someone with the proper education and experience to be able to multi-task.  Nan Boland has succeeded time and time again in finding an excellent candidate for our accounting department. 


Nan has worked hard to gain a good understanding of how our company works and of the environment in which we work.  We have truly benefited with this knowledge and her dedication to finding the right candidate every time.  It's a tremendous time and cost savings to be able to make that first phone call to Nan Boland." 

Jeff, Controller 


"My experience with Nan Boland has been very positive.  I wanted to upgrade my position in the Accounting field.  I saw an ad in the Des Moines Register and looked sat their website.  On the website was an opportunity to complete an application online, so I did.  Within an hour I received a phone call from Nan Boland.  We discussed my application and within the next week I did the testing needed so they could verify who I was and the work skills I had.  Nan and I discussed my future job hopes and within one month I had my "dream" job.  I have held this position for nearly 2 years and I still am very pleased with my position.  Since I received my new accounting position, Nan has contacted me by phone, mail, and in person.  She always asks how things are going and if I still like my position.    


Nan is a great character analyzer.  She is very good in explaining the company you will be interviewing with and she is also very good at helping you determine your need and goals and then matching your need and goals with a company with those same hopes.    

Not only was I greatly helped by Nan, but my company was too.  It has been a great experience."    

Deb E.