Targeted Small Business

The Targeted Small Business (TSB) Assistance Program supports the creation and expansion of small businesses that are certified as a “targeted small business”.


The business must be certified as a "Targeted Small Business” by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals before applying for or  receiving TSB funds. A business can receive "Targeted Small Business" certification through the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Q. Why use a TSB?

A. Governor Culver passed legislation (HF 890) to promote and enhance Iowa’s Targeted Small Businesses.


Q. My manager says we have to go thru DAS. I’ve heard we don’t have to. Is that correct?

A. You are correct. You do not HAVE to go through DAS. See Iowa Administrative Code 11 Chapter 105 or slide titled State of Iowa Rules and Regulations.


Q. If I know the temporary assignment is going to exceed 720 hours and $10k, I have to revert back to the Preferred Vendor List?

A. Please visit with your HQS representative to understand your options.


Q. Why should we use HireQuality Solutions (HQS)?

A. HQS has over 50 years of sales and recruiting experience. HQS is a TSB. HQS has a proven track record within the State of Iowa. HQS offers a multitude of services such as skill evaluations/assessments, training, coaching, and mentoring.


ITQ Approved




·         IT Consulting

·         Staff Augmentation


Service provider number:






Some job titles we’ve placed:


·         Project Manager

·         Business Analyst

·         Programmer / Applications

·         Developer

·         Database Administrator

·         Help Desk

·         Quality Assurance

·         Network Engineer